Thursday, May 21, 2009


This is the earliest I have been awake since school and I am NOT happy about it.

I woke up and went to the bathroom. I accidentally dropped the soap dispenser in the garbage can. I don't know what the hell was in the garbage/on the dispenser but I went back to bed and rubbed my eye. Then I got this awful, chemical burning sensation and my vision in that eye went so I tried flushing it with water but that hurt more. So I flushed it with this eye cleanser stuff we have and it stopped burning but now it still hurts to blink.

So I'm awake an hour and a half earlier than I needed to be. Luckily I don't feel that tired, I'll just end up going to bed super early.

On the plus side, a bunny just built a nest right by my mom's garden. I'm excited for baby bunnies to be running around!

Friday, May 8, 2009


I think I'm headed out tonight and I feel a bit odd about it. It's not that I have a problem with drinking necessarily, I just worry about getting caught. The consequences in the state of Wisconsin really suck. I want to have fun this weekend (especially since it's the last weekend of the semester and I haven't partied at all yet) but I really don't want a $250 ticket. O well im off... Wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"The voices expressed here reveal the transformative and re-creative abilities of being female, of being changing women."
from Sister Nations, a book we're reading in American Indian Literature.

Thought I'd share with you wonderful women. <3 :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Everybody look left, everybody look right, anywhere you look I'm standin spotlight!

Oh I just can't wait to be kiiiiiing.

I'm in a really Disney mood today! This may have to do with coloring books yesterday.

I had something really embarrassing happen at work on Monday, but then (with the help of my coworker) I realized that it doesn't matter what other people think! And so I've been having a sassy, self esteem filled couple days. And I'm better friends with that coworker now too, ironically.

The lovely weather probably helps as well. So yes, I think things are looking up a bit. ^_^

Sunday, April 5, 2009

"lazy sunday,

...wake up in the late afternooooon..."*

hey girls. I decided to blog here instead of reading this painful book for anthropology. I have been so unmotivated to do homework lately, it is not even funny. I'm kind of impatient with everything lately, really. Oh well. I'm meeting with my adviser soon to discuss my schedule for next year. Hopefully if everything works out I'll have some classes for fall semester that are more challenging and interesting. I think that'd help.

I went to a cardio boxing class with Nicole and Claire on Friday! It was super fun. I could hardly breathe about 20 minutes into the hour+ class. :D

Besides that, nothing much is going on. It snowed last night but it's kind of sunny and slightly warm this morning, so most of it is melting. We're watching a lot of movies and episodes of Criminal Minds; I've ordered a few awesome movies for cheap from amazon (one for my dad's birthday coming up)...I'm spending too much money though. Ugh. I need a job.

Oh, and the cafe I'm posting from (I refrained from buying anything this time though!! be proud!) is playing music that reminds me of Amelie. So that helps a bit.

Hope you both are doing well. :)

*bonus points if you know what this is from.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sleep or Lack There Of

I've had real quantifiable sleep issues this semester. I really don't know what it is. I just get really obsessed about getting my 8 hours of sleep and then I start to count the time and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Tonight I'm just thinking too much. I think it's because jon and I had a disagreement and than we definitely completely resolved it but my brain is rather buzzing. I just could really do with a good enthusiastic conversation. Which probably wouldn't solve the problem but at least than my brain would stop buzzing..... I should probably just lie in bed with my eyes closed til I fall asleep....

Rawr.... Sorry this is so scattered I just haven't been sleeping well for a while which leads to severe crankiness and my brain definitely not working properly.

O well.... here goes nothing....

Monday, March 30, 2009



all grown up. :)
or, y'know, mostly. ^_^